In case of emergency (lost person) call Western Cape METRO – 021 937 0300

Becoming a K9 SARA handler

If you would like to join us as a dog handler you don’t need to have a dog to start off with. Sometimes it is better to start without a dog and by the time you are ready we can help you find the right dog for you. but if you already have a dog we require the following:

  • Not older than one year at the time of contacting us.
  • Crazy about his/her toys
  • Medium size and agile
  • Good physical fitness
  • No aggression towards humans or dogs
  • No previous manwork, attack or protection training

Become a volunteer

How can you help? We are always looking for people to hide for our dogs so they dont become to used to specific scent. Even if you can only join us once a year that would be fantastic. We are also always looking for new training venues so our dogs and handlers dont get bored. If interest in helping out please send us an e-mail via the contacts page