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Because K9SARA is a volunteer organisation, we bear all our own costs. From petrol, K9 equipment to keep the doggos safe and equipment for the handlers, from waterproof jackets to protective equipment for disaster work. That is not to mention giving our K9’s the best training we can. All this to ensure that when we deploy, we stand the best chance of finding your loved ones, lost in the wilderness or buried under a collapsed building. We are ready and deploy no matter what the conditions.

In order to sustain this we rely on donations from the community and some organisations that facilitate our training and equipment. We are eternally grateful for your support as are the families who have missing loved ones when we are able to deploy to help the search and rescue mission.

If you would like to support K9SARA, you may do so via the following:

EFT Donations – K9 Search and Rescue Association of SA

Money Market Account
Acc No: 62266773681
Sort Code: 201510
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ

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If you are a company that Is interested in becoming a sponsor or to find out how you can help the unit. Please click on the contact us button below and send us a mail to find out more information.